Creation, the Fall, and Salvation

If you don’t accept the account of Creation, then you’ll eschew the Fall of Man. If there was no Biblical Garden of Eden, then there’s no sin forming a chasm between the created and their Creator, and there’s no need for a Savior.

Rejecting selectively God’s Word in favor of Naturalism and Universalism leads to people espousing a “christ” publicly but rejecting the historic teachings of the real Jesus Christ in the same instant.

There is a direct link between the influences of Naturalism and Universalism upon the Christian church in the West and the continuing Holocaust of the Unborn in America. But, the crime of abortion, as heinous as it may be, is only a symptom.

The problem is sin. The one and only answer is the saving work of Jesus Christ. The extent to which liberal denominations abandon the Bible and embrace, instead, Universalist teachings and the anti-Christ tenets of Naturalism do they advance the cause of eternal desolation.

The most powerful story ever told, the most important piece of information describing reality ever shared, hinges on the Biblical account of Creation & the subsequent Fall of Man.

Don’t be deceived. Naturalism’s theory of old-Earth evolution stands as a wall between people and the God that made them. Universalism’s lie that all paths lead equally to God offers the seeker nothing more than a fruitless distraction from the wall.

As followers of Christ, it is NOT ENOUGH to practice our faith in enclaves while people around us perish in the smoke of Naturalism & the mirror of Universalism. The responsibility is ours to offer a voice in reason against those religions, philosophies, and theories whose ultimate ends are the destruction of human souls.

The lives of the unborn are precious. But, what could be more important than a human soul? The problem is sin. The one and only answer is the saving work of Jesus Christ.

The amazing reality of Christ’s redemption began at the Fall of Man in the Garden of Eden as recorded in concert with the Biblical account of Creation.

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