In the Wee Hours of the Night


These four form the basic questions of your life; your existence. They are at the heart of what spins through your mind on nights when you stare at the ceiling, sleepless.

Who am I? WHAT am I?
What’s the point of all of this?
What am I supposed to do?
What is this thing I am, and what happens AFTER this? What still lives after this body I’m in dies? Or, is that all there is?


Materialistic world views say that you came from nothing, and that your evolutionary ancestors were assembled purely by chance.

Materialism’s logical outcome says that the only meaning to your life is what YOU determine that meaning to be. By the way, that’s an interesting concept to explore against the backdrop of accidental origin.

Materialism says that morality is self-determined, that the relative value of all life is entirely extrinsic. From bacteria to humans, there is no INTRINSIC worth. YOU determine value. Likewise, YOUR value is determined by every person whose path you may cross.

Materialism says that your destiny is exactly the same as the destiny of every other atom and sub-atomic particle in the universe. There is nothing more to you than the accidental sum of your atoms, and even those atoms will cease to exist with the final collapse of the universe. Your consciousness is an accident of the way the human brain evolved. It will end with your death. There will be nothing more.

That’s what Materialism says about the four great questions of your existence.

Does that help you in your own struggle to answer the great questions of your existence?

Or, could there be other answers?

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