Why so many Crabs?

The debate continues among secular scientists who seek to resolve the mystery as to why so many crab varieties exist by placing the question within the context of evolution. Their quest is futile. Crabs didn’t evolve. In fact, nothing evolved. But, “science” as it presents itself today ignores the most basic fact about their favored theory of origins: There is no theory of origins. I finished undergrad, and then did my graduate program, at a B&M university between 2009-2013. Fairly recent, I’d say. I chose to purchase physical textbooks as opposed to buying e-copies. My degrees are in the sciences.  I … Continue reading Why so many Crabs?

Who Are You?

Who Are You? Deep in the woods of Rockcastle County, away from the farms and the back roads, are two upright markers beside a pair of ground-level stones. The only one marked among the four identifies Lucinda Adams, who met her fate in the obscurity of rural Kentucky. She was preceded in death by two infant sons and a young daughter. Lucinda passed from this world a hundred and eighteen years ago. No one alive today knew her. The same year that Lucinda Adams was laid to rest beside the graves of her children in Kentucky, Albert Einstein received his … Continue reading Who Are You?

In the Wee Hours of the Night

Origin.Meaning.Morality.Destiny. These four form the basic questions of your life; your existence. They are at the heart of what spins through your mind on nights when you stare at the ceiling, sleepless. Who am I? WHAT am I?What’s the point of all of this?What am I supposed to do?What is this thing I am, and what happens AFTER this? What still lives after this body I’m in dies? Or, is that all there is? Origin. Meaning. Morality. Destiny. Materialistic world views say that you came from nothing, and that your evolutionary ancestors were assembled purely by chance. Materialism’s logical outcome says that the … Continue reading In the Wee Hours of the Night