Refuse the Monster

Refuse the Monster

David Berlinski once wrote, “In the early days of the German advance into Eastern Europe,” (his words here edited for space), “Nazi extermination squads would sweep into villages.  On one such occasion somewhere in Eastern Europe, an SS officer watched languidly as a bearded Hasidic Jew dug his own grave.  Standing up, the Hasidic man addressed his executioner.  ‘God is watching what you are doing,’ he said.  And then he was shot dead.”

“If moral imperatives are not commanded by God’s will,” Berlinski argued, “and if they are not in some sense absolute, then what ought to be is a matter simply of what men and women decide should be. There is no other source of judgment.”

There is no other source of judgement.

Berlinski was not advocating for secularism, here.  In fact, Berlinski (an agnostic) was warning us about the dangers of accepting moral relativism.  Keep in mind he’s an agnostic who’s giving us this warning.

Without an absolute moral standard, society is doomed to fall into chaos.  The creeping scourge of secularization sometimes begins with just a little taste of the rancid stew of moral subjectivity.  And, that certainly applies to the present state of morality here in the United States.  But, long before chaos reigns supreme, there are other alarming results that occur as secularization takes an increasingly tighter hold on a nation.

One recent example of this kind of regression in humanity can be found in the video “Kids Meet Someone Who’s Had an Abortion.”

The video shows some significant outcomes that have already emerged because our nation has chosen secularism over retaining the knowledge of God our thinking; has opted for moral flexibility over the keeping of God’s moral standards in our own civil & criminal codes.  Watch the video and see how many immoral consequences unfold.

Worse, yet, is that so many proclaim her a hero who teaches adolescents that the killing of a helpless child for the sake of convenience is “part of God’s plan.”

Actually, it’s not God’s plan.  It’s entirely monstrous.

What has all of this to do with one another, secularization, the Nazi Death Squads, and abortion?  Among other things, this:  Hitler’s Nazi party discovered that there were places where they could not kill Jews outright, or load them into cattle cars and ship them to their deaths.

Berlinski recounts it this way:

“The decision physically to kill (the Jews) expressed very nicely ‘the free consensus’ of Germany’s citizens. Had it not, the final solution could never have taken place. It did not reflect the consensus of citizens in Denmark, Italy, or Bulgaria, and in those countries there was no final solution, there was no mass deportation, and there were no extermination camps, and in all three cases, Nazi officials were left muttering in frustration at the fact that curiously enough these were places where people did not sufficiently appreciate the gravity of the Jewish problem.”

Denmark, Italy, Bulgaria.

No final solution.

No mass deportation.

No extermination camps.

Why?  Because the citizenry refused.  The citizenry refused.

Alone, and in your own quiet place, consider the morality of killing the most helpless person on the planet, the unborn child.  Who is morally right in this?

Is it God Almighty, creator of Heaven and Earth, author of all life who is right?  Is it The Lord God who is morally right?


is it a woman…

who made a video…

of herself…

explaining to children…

why she killed her own helpless child?

You pick.  While you’re deciding, consider that a fall from the moral imperatives of Almighty God and into the dark abyss of secularization REQUIRES the tacit approval of the citizenry.  Where insistent disapproval does not arise, monsters will emerge.

For decades, now, we the people of the United States of America have been every bit as lukewarm about the present Holocaust of the Unborn as the often-excoriated populace of Nazi-controlled Europe was about the Jewish Holocaust.  We have allowed subjective morality to replace the standards of Holy God.  We have NOT insisted that monsters like Andrew Coumo, Chelsea Clinton, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and monstrosities like Planned Parenthood, be pulled from the vine of public discourse & support.

But, take note from a former time of despair:  Where the citizenry refused the Jewish Holocaust, the monsters of that time had to back away.

Where the citizenry refused, the monsters had to back away.

In this hour, remember that it’s our country, and that it’s not too late for us.  We can change the course of history.

Every day in our country, as Americans acting under the protection of our laws kill another 2,500 defenseless children, remember:  God is watching what we are doing.

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