Refuse the Monster

David Berlinski once wrote, “In the early days of the German advance into Eastern Europe,” (his words here edited for space), “Nazi extermination squads would sweep into villages.  On one such occasion somewhere in Eastern Europe, an SS officer watched languidly as a bearded Hasidic Jew dug his own grave.  Standing up, the Hasidic man addressed his executioner.  ‘God is watching what you are doing,’ he said.  And then he was shot dead.” “If moral imperatives are not commanded by God’s will,” Berlinski argued, “and if they are not in some sense absolute, then what ought to be is a … Continue reading Refuse the Monster

Raise a Hallelujah! Raise a Hallelujah! Raise a Hallelujah… When?

It’s presently my favorite song: Raise a Hallelujah.  I love to hear it, and to sing along to it.  Doing so can lift my spirit quickly… a very present result of heartfelt worship to Almighty God. I prefer the live version, where, at the start, Jonathan Helser tells of the beloved child of a friend, stricken.  Helser receives word one evening that the boy is seemingly at the losing end of the struggle for life.  Then, as Jonathan tells the story, the fervent prayers of the faithful were lifted to the Lord God; prayers of praise and worship, and in … Continue reading Raise a Hallelujah! Raise a Hallelujah! Raise a Hallelujah… When?

What’s in a Meme?

“You can be a Christian and practice Buddhism…” I see the meme a great deal.  It’s catchy.  It’s popular.  I even heard it at a Christian church.  But, it isn’t true, and the friendly face of the person in the picture does nothing to change that. Listen:  Truth, and claims of truth, are exclusive by nature.  Let me repeat that:  Truth, and claims of truth, are exclusive by nature.  A truth claim excludes something.  Buddhism itself was born in the reality of such exclusivity when Siddhartha Gautama rejected certain claims of Hinduism.  If BOTH Hinduism AND Siddhartha Guatama’s claims were … Continue reading What’s in a Meme?

White as Snow?

“Come now, let us settle the matter,” says the LORD. “Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow;”– Isaiah 1:18 The beauty of a snowy morning, as gorgeous as it looks, is only a poor comparison to the purity you will be given by Almighty God through the sacrifice made by Jesus. And… it’s already done! All you have to do is accept it; choose to claim the substitutionary death Jesus took for you, and you’ll have your way back to the God who made you. His promise began long before Jesus stepped through eternity … Continue reading White as Snow?

Who Are You?

Who Are You? Deep in the woods of Rockcastle County, away from the farms and the back roads, are two upright markers beside a pair of ground-level stones. The only one marked among the four identifies Lucinda Adams, who met her fate in the obscurity of rural Kentucky. She was preceded in death by two infant sons and a young daughter. Lucinda passed from this world a hundred and eighteen years ago. No one alive today knew her. The same year that Lucinda Adams was laid to rest beside the graves of her children in Kentucky, Albert Einstein received his … Continue reading Who Are You?

More Than a Carpenter – A Timeless Classic

Many religions and philosophic pundits like to use some form of this sentence: “Jesus Christ was a good teacher.” They may accentuate some aspect of his public interactions in order to show his profound understanding of spirituality, or whatever may serve the conclusion they’re reaching for. But, was he really a good teacher? Jesus said, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” If Jesus was a good teacher, then this should be true. If it isn’t true, then Jesus was wrong, crazy, or lying. Can a person who … Continue reading More Than a Carpenter – A Timeless Classic

In the Wee Hours of the Night

Origin.Meaning.Morality.Destiny. These four form the basic questions of your life; your existence. They are at the heart of what spins through your mind on nights when you stare at the ceiling, sleepless. Who am I? WHAT am I?What’s the point of all of this?What am I supposed to do?What is this thing I am, and what happens AFTER this? What still lives after this body I’m in dies? Or, is that all there is? Origin. Meaning. Morality. Destiny. Materialistic world views say that you came from nothing, and that your evolutionary ancestors were assembled purely by chance. Materialism’s logical outcome says that the … Continue reading In the Wee Hours of the Night

That Sign in the End Zone

John 3:16 We see it in many places and at sundry times. It’s often in view during televised sporting events. It was once pretty much always seen during football games, when one team was trying a field goal or an extra point. Folks seemed to be able to get that JOHN 3:16 sign in the seats right there between the uprights. When we find the verse in our Bible, or on google, here’s what we read: “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have … Continue reading That Sign in the End Zone

What’s in an Age?…/2018-06-15-vandals-destroy-brimham-ro… Firstly, why should the age of the Earth matter… OK, here’s an interesting read about the vandalizing of a beloved rock formation. Aside from the senseless act described by the headline, I can’t help but entertain a nagging suspicion that most of us will look at it and not give a second thought to this provocative question: How did someone decide the age of these rocks? How does anyone come to believe in the age of rocks, fossils, and other artifacts of supposed great age? One method used is to measure the ratio of parent-to-daughter elements in the material … Continue reading What’s in an Age?


Dogma: A principle or set of principles laid down by an authority as incontrovertibly true. In 1953, Stanley Miller performed an experiment that (he believed) demonstrated how life could have evolved. The experiment has since been shown to have been flawed in some of the basic assumptions. Yet, it remains a foundational premise of western education in the natural sciences. My own B&M college experience spanned the years 2009 – 2013. One of the Biology texts I studies from spent four pages defending the Miller experiment (AKA Miller-Urey), and suggesting alternate assumptions to get past the objections raised by the … Continue reading Dogma